‘Go on yer girl ye!’

A milestone! Week one completed! And on my third run, in the morning darkness I was encouraged to go all the way by a little old lady in her dressing gown having a ‘feg’ on her front doorstep. I wasn’t sure whether or not to stop and engage conversation, but then decided maybe that I would be distracted from the beeps and instructions that are C2 5K! My legs have stopped feeling like I’ve been torturing them and I feel totally pleased with myself that I’m an eighth of the way there. I confess that on day 3 as I was running and most definitely feeling the need for vast intakes of oxygen, I had a vision of my friend Karen serenely running along the road at Ballylinney and doubted that I could ever achieve the same! But, definitely buoyed by A LOT of encouragement from my friends and family, I head into week 2 with ENTHUSIASM!

(apologies if I’ve misspelt the title by the way. I’m sure a NI friend can correct me!)

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