Humankind (with more kind please)

Katy (10) is discovering that not everyone in her world is kind. She’s finding out that people she counts as friends can be very hurtful with their words. My heart is broken as her tears flow and she tries to be forgiving and self-protecting at the same time. Her Granddad spoke the word ‘stoical’ over her when she was born and she really is. Her pain is not dissuading her from doing the things she enjoys so as to avoid the cutting jibes. She understands her peers at a level that is simple and pure. And she is forgiving and willing to put these things in the past. Part of her holds on to these words lightly because she just wants everyone to get on and live harmoniously. Partly she can’t understand that ones she thought loved her can speak to her like this. Also, she doesn’t get that words spoken now can affect the 14, 21, 35 year old her. So how do I help her deal with this now, so that it won’t haunt her later on in life?

I need to tell her more and more how beautiful and wonderful she is to me and her Daddy. And I need to show her how beautiful and wonderful she is to her heavenly Daddy. How he sees her as he made her – fearfully and wonderfully (Psalm 139). ┬áThat he had intent and purpose when He made her that way and that he certainly sings over her with joy at what He has made. I’m very thankful to her young friend who she called today for advice. ┬áHer friend told her she should not change who she is but be proud of who she is. And that’s true. She has a heart of compassion, she really feels for those who are ostracised by others. Now she feels she is identifying with their pain, and she realises she hates the injustice even more. Maybe this is a lesson for her in empathy and a lesson for me in humility as she bravely faces her giants.

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