The only expertise I have in this field comes from being a Mum to a child on the Autism spectrum. At the time of his diagnosis I had just started working in a special school, surrounded by expert teachers, assistants, beautiful ASD children and strategies to help me. We have been fortunate to attend workshops to educate us as parents in various things related to ASD, but day to day is about implementing strategies, loving the boy, teaching him the things that don’t come naturally and praying that we’re doing ok in it all.

Here is an excerpt from one of my posts, ‘Celebrating Autism’.

Autism is a neuro-developmental disorder. Ethan’s brain is wired differently to yours and mine and probably was so from birth. The exact cause of this is still being universally investigated, but probably a combination of genetic and environmental factors contribute to the disorder. More than half a million people in the UK have Autism, around 1 in 100. And Ethan has joined quite a hall of fame: Stephen Spielberg, Bill Gates, Einstein to name a few. (With his ADHD he will proudly tell you that he joins the same club as Leonardo da Vinci, Alexander Graham Bell and!!) There are a host of other famous names to add to both these lists.

All children with ASD share three main areas of difficulty although it affects each child in unique and different ways. These difficulties affect the child’s  thinking, talking and the way he interacts socially.

We see changes in Ethan in many ways since his initial diagnosis when he was 6, and we are hopeful for his future. The big picture. But, dealing with Autism every day is challenging and constant. At times I am resilient and at others I am weary. I also appreciate that we are living with a boy who is verbal (very) and with a high ability as far as learning is concerned. Many other parents have very different struggles and challenges with Autism and I have a great respect for their journeys.