Happy New Year!

Dry JanuaryHappy New Year everyone! January 1st 2014. No new year resolutions for me but some resolve about a few things like getting organised and sending birthday cards and Christmas  cards this year! Getting fit and losing a few (actually quite a few!) pounds. Much more decluttering, physically and mentally, to give more space for the important things in my life…. God, my family and my health and well being.

So yesterday I started the C2 5K (couch to 5k in 8 weeks!). I’m laughing with myself really, because I can’t remember the last time I did any kind of organised fitness regime. I’ll have to keep smiling anyway if I’m going to break through all the pain barriers to get fit and lose at least a stone!!! Last night my toe was in agony and this morning all my leg muscles are politely reminding me that I did exercise yesterday for half an hour. Luckily for them they get today off!! I have absolutely no proper clothing for running and looked quite a sorry state in Tony’s waterproof coat and 10 year old joggers. You’ll understand why I chose to start running while it was still dark and raining! Less chance of anyone I know seeing me, or for that matter anyone I don’t know!

I know I have to do less of the eating stuff too. Well eating the wrong stuff anyway. It’s tough this getting fit idea isn’t it. No more chocolate indulgences, crisps, peanuts and birthday cake. Oh so sad, but oh so necessary!

And then this morning I heard about ‘Dry January’. An alcohol free month to raise awareness of alcohol related diseases and give people a chance to change their drinking habits. My drinking habits aren’t excessive, but it was the promise of losing a few pounds that intrigued me. I’ll add it to the resolve list for January and stick it out…it’s only 31 days!

I’m slightly reluctant to tell you that I weigh 11st 4lbs, but there, I’ve just done it. My goal is to get to 9st 13lbs so I can say I weigh less than 10st!

Happy  ‘dry, fat free, running in the dark’ New Year everyone:-)

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